Just like Number Johnny Five, I’m Looking For Input.

I need a lot of input on a regular basis.  I continually check the internet.  I almost always have Netflix, a DVD, or music playing.  I’d much rather read a book than put away my laundry.  I’m sort of obsessive-compulsive about it, though.  It isn’t enough merely to read and see the things that interest/inspire me once or twice.  I need to retain it somehow.  I squirrel away my input.  If I’m going analog, I mark my favorite passages in books with small post-its.  If it is digital, it is getting saved.  Long before Tumblr or Pinterest, there was my actual computer.  I have thousands of pictures saved to my hard drive.  Not just of my family and friends but also of curiosities, pretty makeup, and cats with funny captions.  Many of them are carefully curated in special folders so that I can find them more efficiently when the mood strikes.  I have documents dating back to Word Perfect files from the 90s of things I didn’t want to forget that I liked even way back when.  These are sub-sorted in their own files or consolidated in other documents carried over from those computers long past.  Saved thoughts, manifestos, things I’ve written, things other people have written, etc.  I’ve got an “inspirational quotes” file that is several pages long.  From time to time, I revisit the things I’ve collected on my computer and rejoice because a lot of them feel new to me again.  Just like I feared, I would have forgotten them without some way to preserve them.   Maybe I’m shortening my own memory by using artificial memory aids.  On the other hand, here’s a nifty list of everything Bart Simpson wrote on a chalkboard up through Season 19.

Things like Tumblr and Pinterest are the more convenient and up to date way to deal with this need for input.  They were made for people like me.  Instead of 75 cats and a collection of bottle caps, we have 750 cat pictures and a whole pinboard dedicated to the color green.  We are the internet hoarders.


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