Here We Go Again

Periodically I’ll think, “You know, I should blog.”

Back when Blogger was more or less it (2000 or so), I had to explain it to members of my band and hound them to contribute to the one I opened for us.  I kept a Blogger account of my own fairly religiously for three or four years, though I couldn’t even tell you what my username was at this point.  Funny, that.  I hopped on the LiveJournal bandwagon for a while, and I can Tumblr with the best of them (*cough* 3 accounts *cough*), but I’ve never gotten back in the swing of regular blogging.  Indeed, this account has two years of cobwebs.

One would figure, given my primary profession, I would have been an early-adopter beauty blogger.  Had I only known, I, too, would be attending IMATS and going home with those monster $1500 bags of NYX Cosmetics swag.  Instead, I worked in the field, gaining no real notoriety but learning a few good tricks and paying my rent.  No use crying over spilled pigment and all that.  It has been occasionally brought to my attention (waves at Char Lee) that I should consider doing a little beauty blogging now and then.  A few bolder voices have even suggested YouTube, though I suspect I have also missed my bus on that particular phenomenon as well.

That brings us here, where I shall write dirty words my name in the dust on this blog and see if I manage to update more than twice before 2015.



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