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Product Goodbye and Hello

Bad news: YSL has discontinued Beauty Sleep! I know, I know…let’s all have a moment to mourn the loss of this miracle in a tube.

Good news: Nars has its own little miracle to replace Beauty Sleep in your life (and it is only $39, compared to Beauty Sleep’s $75). It is called Aqua Gel Luminous Mask and it does a beautiful job of faking a full night’s sleep for your skin. You’ll wake up radiant and hydrated.

Additional good news: Although YSL has made us sad getting rid of the aforementioned product, they came out with Pop Water Glossy Stains. These are less sheer, more glossy, and more hydrating than the regular Glossy Stain. If you were one of the people who wished Glossy Stain had a little more “oomph,” then you need to get yourself to the YSL counter ASAP. I’ve been wearing it this week and it has given me that fresh Magazine Lip look. You know the one I’m talking about!