Hooray for LASplash!

My friend, Carrie Meyer of Insomniac Studios, turned me on to the most amazing long-wearing liquid lipsticks from LASplash Cosmetics. Most of you know that when I’m not painting faces, I sing with a cover band. That means I do 40+ songs a show and require my lipstick to withstand a minimum 4 hours of singing/talking/drinking water/occasionally brushing my lips on my microphone–all without much of a chance to touch-up. After seeing Carrie’s review, I bought two of these for myself and have been putting them through my rigorous rockstar paces. Both colors have come out at the end of long performance nights–some 6+ hours in from application to finish–fully intact and vibrant.

Though I personally adore them, I’ve not decided if I’m going to be stocking my pro makeup kit with a wide range of these yet. While comfortable, they do not have the supple, slippery feel of a traditional lipstick that many of my clients expect and/or demand. However, you can bet I’ll be buying more colors for my rockstar kit as soon as possible!


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