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Overheard In The Beauty Department (Or “Mean Boys (And Girls) Suck”)

Overheard in the beauty department, uttered by a high-ranking artist from a makeup brand I know you all know:

“Ask her what her favorite designer is. If she doesn’t have a favorite designer, well, she probably has no business wearing (makeup brand redacted), but we’ll sell her stuff anyway.”

I do not possess the vocabulary to adequately express to you how horrified I was.

Though I heard this particular fellow say this rather audaciously on the selling floor, I can name you at LEAST two other brands who have trainers and/or ambassadors who have said things like that behind closed doors.

It is this kind of unconscionable snobbery that is part of driving consumers to buy online. We all want to feel pretty and not be judged. The sad part is that there is some sort of longstanding badge of honor to be exclusive, especially among the executives in the cosmetics industry, so this sort of thinking winds up being encouraged instead of re-educated…then brands wonder why they aren’t getting their increases.

Including people feels a hell of a lot better than excluding them–on ALL sides.



Uh-oh, Rodan + Fields: Busted!

ramona singer

Never doubt for a minute this is how your Instagram beauty sausage is made. Morphe, Colourpop, Rodan + Fields, Gerard Cosmetics, and so much more–your big name faves who can’t rave enough about lines whose only consistence is inconsistence (at best) have had their words bought for them. Be a wary consumer.


Mea Culpa

Okay, friends. I will not be buying any more Jeffree Star products. I can no longer keep the person separate from his brand to justify lining his pockets. I thought he had changed since his MySpace days–who wants anything they did when they were 19 to define who they are forever?–but sometimes awful people just get older without actually growing up.

I made excuses because I DO like his products, cringing but trying to explain away how awful he talks about women (telling that other awful YouTube bully, MannyMUA, how terrible vaginas smell). I knew better–and knew I knew better–but chalked it up to his persona, which was foolish of me because it wasn’t even a persona I liked. I fully and shamefully admit I sold a corner of my moral real estate for the price of a cool green lipstick and a gleaming white highlighter. In the end, though, you all know I despise that Mean Girl (and Mean Boy) “Bitches ain’t shit” mentality and my conscience won. I can’t do it anymore.

This video was the scale tipper for me–you can skip the review and start in at 19:44 to get some bullet points about him being rude, racist, and sexist–ALL with proof (much of it video) to back it up. A further Google search goes down a deep, deep rabbit hole of things worse than Stephanie’s examples. Oof.

I’ve expunged mentions of him (where I could find them; some are likely buried) on my various Social Media accounts so I’m no longer actively promoting him.

I apologize to any of my friends who were already aware of his hateful, problematic nature and were quietly offended by my effusive love of his lipsticks and highlighters. Your feelings are worth more than those.

And Speaking Of A Smoky Eye

melt unboxing

(Above, a photo of my Melt Cosmetics unboxing)

Although I had similar colors, I caved and bought the Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter stack during a 30% off flash sale.  I had agonized over which stack to buy and decided this one would be the most practical.  Buyer’s remorse immediately set in because I’ve got a ton of eye shadows, the only neutrals I ever wear on my eyes are almost whitish cream and black, and I basically only wanted them because they were the Great Unknown and I can’t stand for there to be beauty products I haven’t at least touched with my own hands.

All I can say now is:  what took me so long to buy these?

Like all the beauty bloggers and Instagrammers say, “They are huge!”  It is true, you get a LOT of shadow for the money, but that’s really only the smallest part of what makes them remarkable.  The color payoff is up there with all my heavy hitters:  Inglot, Sugarpill, MUFE.  More than that, though, and what made me buy the other stack on Black Friday (even though I have full dupes of every color in it) was the texture.


If the airbrushed edges of a perfectly blended makeup have eluded you, or have only been yours after several minutes of blending with three different brushes, you need these shadows.  I’ve never had anything in my entire makeup wearing or professional MUA life that blends like these.  The fine milling makes them blend like a gorgeous, blurry dream.  And, unlike my poor Sauce Box Black Widow (oh, how it could have been a contender), there is no dark, speckled fall out on my cheeks some two hours after the shadow has been on.  It blends in but it stays put.

I’ve already done photo shoots with these as well as my own personal band shows.  Three hours of sweating in my eyes and they still look great.

Their shimmery counter parts, the Lovesick stack, have not arrived at my home yet, but I can tell you truly and honestly that you need this Dark Matter stack in your life.


NUDE Skincare Update

So, 7 days into my NUDE Skincare​ Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash test (basically three applications) and I’m sold. While it has not yet miraculously gotten rid of the rather stubborn blackheads on my nose and on my chin (oops–TMI!), it IS delivering in evening out the texture and boosting the radiance of my skin. My makeup looks prettier, too. The rule of thumb is to give new skincare 4-6 weeks to do its thing, but I’m already pretty pleased. It makes me eager to try more of the line. I need to find someone willing to finance my road testing!

Product Review & Road Testing Results

I’ve gotten the opportunity to try the NUDE Skincare Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash (jeez, say that 5 times fast). The first attempt has been an interesting experience…sort of like Alka Seltzer for the face. We’ll see if it is just an expensive gimmick or if it truly goes the distance as far as the results go. Those of you who have sat in my chair know how much I carry on about exfoliating the skin.

Speaking of things I’ve been testing, I’ve been impressed with the new Urban Decay Cosmetics Revolution High-Color lip gloss. The applicator doesn’t do it any favors (tends to push around the color thinly), and it does not look as wet and glossy as it appears in the photos (hardly any do these days), but I can tell you that when they say it stays in the lines, it really, truly does. I avoid dark lip glosses because they all seem to want to run up my nose, but so far I’ve tried two of these and they absolutely stay right where you put them. They also have a nice color payoff–not as sheer as a regular gloss, but not as full coverage as your typical lipstick. For the first time ever, I can actually buy a dark lip gloss!

Product Goodbye and Hello

Bad news: YSL has discontinued Beauty Sleep! I know, I know…let’s all have a moment to mourn the loss of this miracle in a tube.

Good news: Nars has its own little miracle to replace Beauty Sleep in your life (and it is only $39, compared to Beauty Sleep’s $75). It is called Aqua Gel Luminous Mask and it does a beautiful job of faking a full night’s sleep for your skin. You’ll wake up radiant and hydrated.

Additional good news: Although YSL has made us sad getting rid of the aforementioned product, they came out with Pop Water Glossy Stains. These are less sheer, more glossy, and more hydrating than the regular Glossy Stain. If you were one of the people who wished Glossy Stain had a little more “oomph,” then you need to get yourself to the YSL counter ASAP. I’ve been wearing it this week and it has given me that fresh Magazine Lip look. You know the one I’m talking about!