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Overheard In The Beauty Department (Or “Mean Boys (And Girls) Suck”)

Overheard in the beauty department, uttered by a high-ranking artist from a makeup brand I know you all know:

“Ask her what her favorite designer is. If she doesn’t have a favorite designer, well, she probably has no business wearing (makeup brand redacted), but we’ll sell her stuff anyway.”

I do not possess the vocabulary to adequately express to you how horrified I was.

Though I heard this particular fellow say this rather audaciously on the selling floor, I can name you at LEAST two other brands who have trainers and/or ambassadors who have said things like that behind closed doors.

It is this kind of unconscionable snobbery that is part of driving consumers to buy online. We all want to feel pretty and not be judged. The sad part is that there is some sort of longstanding badge of honor to be exclusive, especially among the executives in the cosmetics industry, so this sort of thinking winds up being encouraged instead of re-educated…then brands wonder why they aren’t getting their increases.

Including people feels a hell of a lot better than excluding them–on ALL sides.


Dear Models

Dear Models (particularly photographer festival/convention models),

If a photographer is asking you to skulk around an abandoned building for a shoot, please exercise caution and good sense–or (best option) give it a pass completely. You will find everything from rats to falling staircases to broken glass to collapsing ceilings to other people in those buildings doing things far less innocent than a photo shoot. This goes double if the photographer wanting to “experiment” is from out of town and doesn’t understand how it is in your city.

Other key points to remember when considering a shoot like this–

*A photographer who “carries” is NO substitute for actual security and will likely get you hurt more than they will actually protect you. It isn’t like the movies.

*You know where the bathroom is for those shoots? Yeah, neither does your photographer–you’re going to be squatting in weeds with no TP.

*If you have to call emergency services to the building because something horrible happened there while you were trespassing, you’re also in for big legal trouble that your “wild, crazy, fun” photographer is NOT going to help you out of.

Free (and likely crappy, let’s be 100% real) pictures for your portfolio are simply NOT worth it.