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Game Changer For Glitter Nail Polish Fans

Although I’m not a nail tech, I saw this nifty little tip on Tumblr months ago and it has truly revolutionized my nail polish wearing life.

To easily remove glitter nail polish*, you will need the following–

–Cotton rounds cut into fourths

–Strips of aluminum foil, big enough to wrap around and over the top of your fingers.  I like to use strips that are 2 inches wide by 3 or 4 inches long but sometimes they are bigger/smaller.  Tearing foil isn’t always exact.

–Non-acetone polish remover

Soak a cotton fourth in remover and place it over the nail so that it covers all of your polish.  Wrap the nail in aluminum foil, pinching or twisting the tip so that there isn’t a lot of air that can get in from the top.  Party bonus here is that you can have big pretend claws to play with 🙂  Let it sit for about ten minutes or so.  When you remove the foil, most of the glitter polish will be on the cotton pad and will only need a little effort to get off. I find it easier to do one hand at a time.

I stopped wearing glitter polish altogether for a long while because it was so hard to remove.  This absolutely works.


*FYI, I have natural nails.  I’ve not tried this with artificial ones–your mileage may vary greatly.