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You Heard It Here First: Highlight Stacking

Okay, friends. I’ve just coined the term “highlight stacking” and yes, the technique (which is not as new as this afternoon’s term coinage) is just as extra as it sounds. Also, according to Instagram, I’m the first one that has hashtagged it, so if you hear/read it, you’ll know it came from me!

Buzz-off, Buzz-word: “Strobing”

Don’t fall into the whole “strobing” clickbait trap. Strobing–which is just a fancy new word for “highlighting”–is what we were doing before contouring was a fad (and what some of us were doing while the rest of them were painting brown Instagram/Kardashian lines on their faces) and it is FAR from a new trend. It has been around for years and years, and it has been on-trend consistently since the 90s broke out of the mattes and into dewier skins. It might have a catchy new name for the beauty editors, but it is nothing new to your friendly, neighborhood makeup artists.