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ColourPop Update

At the behest of a few who refused to believe it, I’ve spent a couple days road-testing and I maintain my position: ColourPop is absolute trash with good viral marketing.


Review, Colour Pop. Spoiler alert: Boo, hiss.

I don’t know what these YouTubers/bloggers see in the ColourPop Cosmetics shadows/highlighters that has them raving–unless it is simply more “Product For Promotion” tactics. I just unwrapped my first order and each piece was broken, shrunken, or looked pre-used.


The Tea Party only looks this “good” because I pressed it back into pot–it arrived in 3 pieces. The Smokin’ Whistles highlighter and Swan do not even fit the pan and the highlighter came looking like someone had been into it already. I hadn’t touched any of these except the Tea Party and the photo was taken literally five minutes after my order was unwrapped.

The shadows–which a quick Google search will show sponsored blogger after blogger raving about the amazing color payoff–are disappointingly sheer.  They are more like face highlighters.

The Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks didn’t feel like any sort of 2015 technology was involved in them at all.  They feel like the super dry, chalky mattes of the 90s.  If you talk while wearing them, they start to get patchy where bits are powdering and crumbling off.  There are many better, more comfortable, longer wearing mattes and indelibles available.

The Lippie Stix I ordered was the best product of the bunch, but it didn’t have far to go to beat the other items.  This was the only thing I’d buy again.

I’m giving major league side-eye to anyone giving glowing reviews of these on social media.  Take them with a huge grain of salt.  Seems Colour Pop spent more time developing their viral marketing and romancing Youtube/Instagrammers with free products than they did on the products themselves.

No wonder this company doesn’t offer returns.  They’d be out of business.